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Dating Advice

How to Make Every Conversation Interesting

January 22, 2017

Do you ever wish you could effortlessly make every conversation interesting, and never run out of things to say?

After all, studies have shown that good conversationalists have better career success, are seen as more desirable partners by women, and have better relationships.

I've discovered that there are two simple tricks to instantly make your conversations more interesting and more exciting.

And I'm going to share them with you in this video.

Click here to watch "How to Keep Every Conversation Interesting"

How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

January 04, 2017

Let me ask you something: Did you stick to your New Years Resolutions last year? Do you even remember what they were? Don’t be ashamed, if you’re like most people, chances are you failed to stick to at least SOME of your New Years resolutions. Lets be honest, most people make the same resolutions over and over, and never seem to make lasting change in their lives.

The 4 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From Dating Awesome Women

November 08, 2016

I have found that there are four, very common limiting beliefs that can destroy your chances with precisely the women you like the best. Understanding what these beliefs are, and how to deal with them, is necessary if you really want to click with the kind of women you are drawn to.
Introducing Charisma Decoded - The New Online Intensive Course from Love Systems

November 04, 2016

One of the things I really love about Love Systems is that we really change lives. It’s incredible to see the transformation that men go through in our programs, when they really decide to devote focused effort to improving their dating lives.

But there’s always been a problem - if you really want to experience that kind of change, you either have to spend months (or years) practicing by yourself, or come out to a live training event like a Bootcamp - and that means taking time off work, travelling and spending thousands of dollars.

Before today, that is.
Halloween: Tips for making the most of it

October 24, 2016

You’re going out for Halloween right? If you answered no, I would rethink that decision. Why? Because it’s a HUGE opportunity for meeting women.


Episode 39 - How to Develop a Strong, Positive Social Circle and Deal with Toxic People

January 26, 2016

Who you choose to surround yourself with, from friends to colleagues, can have an immeasurable impact on your life in terms of professional success and emotional well-being. In this episode, Hootie covers how to build up your social circle and surround yourself with positive people and gives you ways to deal with toxic people in your life. 
Episode 38 - Making The Most Of Your New Year's Resolutions

January 04, 2016

Hootie rings in 2016 with ways to ensure you accomplish your New Year's resolutions. He includes three things to keep in mind when coming up with your resolutions: (1) make sure it's something manageable and achievable, (2) focus on one resolution/goal at a time, and (3) if you backslide, don't be so hard on yourself and keep pushing. Plus, Hootie covers the 10 most popular resolutions.
Episode 37 - How to Get Accepted to Project Rockstar 2016

December 22, 2015

In a few weeks, Project Rockstar will begin taking applications for Project Rockstar 2016, an immersive 10-week program designed to optimize the lives of several handpicked individuals in the areas of (1) fitness, (2) business, and (3) game. Hootie gives you an inside look at what you can do to improve your chances of being selected for Project Rockstar, and what you can expect once accepted.
Episode 36 - Entrepreneurship advice from the CEO of HST Solar

December 07, 2015

Santanov Chaudhuri, a Yale University and Harvard Business School Graduate, joins the show to talk about his solar energy company, HST Solar. Santanov talks about his amazing journey through the world of astrophysics, investment banking, and entrepreneurship and explains precisely how he found his area of passion in solar energy. Santanov and Hootie both share three critical insights that they believe have been major contributors to gaining and maintaining positive momentum in business.
Episode 35 - Day Game and Mindsets with Vox

December 04, 2015

This week, Hootie brings Vox onto the show, a seasoned Love Systems' instructor with a true skill for Day Game. Vox tells his story of personal growth and development, and shares his tactics and techniques for running day game in London and elsewhere.