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Dating Advice

Your Female Friends are Giving You Terrible Dating Advice - Here's Why

April 28, 2017

If you’re asking women for dating advice, you’re probably making a mistake. Here’s why. 

Why Wilderness Survival Training is one of the Most Important Skills you can Learn as a Man

April 07, 2017

I moved to Toronto when I was 22. It was 2005 and I had just finished my film degree in university and now had dreams about “making it” in the big city.
The Three Best First Messages for Tinder

April 04, 2017

Ever since we published "Matches: The Tinder Book for Men", guys have been asking us "What are the best first messages to send on Tinder?", especially if you want to get replies. 

With that in mind, I made this quick video. 

Breakups - The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

February 25, 2017

Yesterday, we filmed a special 1 hour interview with Lasse Bauer, the author of the Breakup Survival Guide for Men.

Chris and Lasse talked in a lot of depth about Breakups, including answering questions like:

Can you see a breakup coming?

How do you avoid them?

Can you get your ex back?

And finally: What do you do to get your life back when you have been dumped?

How to Use Tinder (For Complete Beginners)

February 10, 2017

For anyone who is looking to get started with Tinder, we made a quick and easy guide on how to use Tinder. This short guide covers how to set up your tinder profile, how to send your first message, and some basic tips on picking photos.


LS Live- What Women Want

April 26, 2017

As always in our show, we're taking live questions and talking honestly and in depth about real life dating issues. We're answering questions like:

- What are the things that men THINK women like, but they don't?
- Do women like to be asked "What do YOU want to do?" on a date.
- What are the topics that men should never bring up on a date?
Unstoppable Confidence with LS Instructor Daniel Vercetti - LS Live Episode 10

April 12, 2017

This week's episode of LS Live is now online!

We hosted legendary Love Systems instructor Daniel Vercetti to talk about confidence, and how important it is to living a life that you want.

Understanding Attraction with LS Instructor JC - LS Live Episode 9

April 04, 2017

This week's LS Live broadcast is now online. In this week's episode we talk about attraction, how to understand it, how to create it, crocodiles, and more. 

 This episode features JC, one of our coaches calling in from Brisbane Australia. 


Episode #8 - The Truth About Relationships

March 28, 2017

This Monday on Love Systems live, we shared the REAL TRUTH about relationships. We went DEEP with guest instructor Dan Wildcard and discussed topics that will shift the paradigm most people have about relationships.
Episode #7 - How to Develop a Naturally Attractive Lifestyle

March 22, 2017

This week on LS Live we we're joined by Andrew Sterling the lead instructor of Project Rockstar, and we discussed how to develop a life filled with passion and excitement. Plus we get into how it leads to making you a more attractive man.