Valentine's Day Bundle

Everything you need to improve your game in time for Valentine's Day. Includes the Love Systems Relationship Management video course and four interviews with the world's top dating coaches covering everything from how to turn things sexual, to getting that special girl, to getting the most out of your relationship. Over 7 hours of material.

Interview Series Vol. 33: Logistics - Taking Her Home

No matter how tight your game is, there are certain logistical variables that can present challenges when attempting to take a girl home. Dealing with logistics can be overwhelming and down right frustrating but not uncontrollable. Join Soul and special guest Johnny Wolf in this exclusive interview in which they reveal the secrets to overcoming many common logistical challenges, including attractive male qualities that increase your chances logistically; how to overcome objections; how to properly set up your home for a smooth close; and more.


Interview Series Vol. 40: Turning Things Sexual

The keen ability to turn things sexual in an interaction with a beautiful woman is what will ultimately keep you out of the friend-zone. Once you learn how to firmly sexualize your conversations with women, you will be able to physically escalate with ease. In this key interview, Braddock and Kisser discuss the core rules of turning things sexual and share some useful tools to help you stay on the right track. They also provide routines and role-plays you can use to sexualize your interactions.


Interview Series Vol. 51: That One Special Girl

In this interview series join the brilliant instructors Daxx and Bonsai as they go over in-depth how to handle the various situations presented that involve that one special girl in your life: how to handle the predicament of liking a girl who is not interested in you; how to avoid losing a girl who really likes you; how to escalate with a girl you like; what to do if "that one special girl" truly is the one; and more.


Interview Series Vol. 76: Long-Term Relationships

In this interview, master instructors Cajun and Future share priceless advice on Long-Term Relationships while discussing their own relationship success stories and mistakes. Topics covered in this interview include: the value in a Long-Term Relationship; how you should go about creating a Long-Term Relationship; the different types of Long-Term Relationships; how to know when a Long-Term Relationship is over; how to end a Long-Term Relationship; and more.


Relationship Management (video)

Do you want to date more than one woman at a time? Do you need to fix some issues with your long-term partner or want to know how to manage a relationship with a woman? Or maybe you're interested in threesomes, friends with benefits, the telltale signs that a woman is about to cheat on you (and how to stop this before it starts), or one of any number of relationship management techniques we've discovered at Love Systems. If you've ever faced these relationship issues, then look no further.

  • How to set - relationship frames that get the girl and to make her your girlfriend - Women want men who know what they want and know how to express it confidently and appropriately. This applies to ANY relationship, from friends with benefits to long-term relationships and everything in between.

  • Traditional Relationships - How to make her your girlfriend AND manage a loving relationship that is passionate and exciting. Don't ever let her get bored! That's when bad things happen, especially with beautiful women.

  • And much more...