Super Conference 2017 Dancers and Hired Guns with Fader and Rob Calabrese - Aug 28, 2017

The cute bartender who smiles when you order, the gorgeous dancer who flirts heavily and asks if you want a dance, there's no way you could actually attract and date these women right? Wrong. Although Dancers and hired guns can appear much more difficult and untouchable, there is a consistent way to attract and date them, it just takes a different approach. Fader has spent most of his adult life learning the art of attracting and dating these types of women and in this add-on will go over all the methodology for how to consistently have them see you as more than a customer and create intense attraction. After you learn the methodology Fader will take you out to Las Vegas's finest gentlemen's club to practice until the wee hours of the morning. Prepare for the craziest night of your life.

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