Infield Superstar 10 Day Bootcamp New York with Zak Ellis, Mar 22-31, 2019

Learn from Love Systems Master Instructors - Live!

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The Infield Superstar 10-day Bootcamp has lofty goals: to turn its participants into naturally attractive individuals, and it succeeds remarkably.

For 10 days and nights, you will be completely immersed within the critically acclaimed Love Systems curriculum. You will breathe self-development and will tirelessly be guided on pushing the boundaries of personal growth and development. You will come out the other end of the 10-day Bootcamp armed with everything you could ever need to develop into an naturally attractive, masculine individual who draws high-quality, beautiful women into his life.

Make no mistake, the 10-day Bootcamp is incredibly grueling and not for everyone. Daily classroom seminars take place from 2pm – 7pm, followed by in-field from 10pm – 2am, for 10 full days. However, by being positioned in a high pressure, intensive learning environment, you can expect to make significant strides in your abilities with the women you actually want in your life.

The 10-day Bootcamp gives you everything you need to become a naturally attractive individual, from the very basics of how to develop the communication skills necessary to be a captivating, masculine, fun and attractive individual, to the advanced principles behind the inner game of confidence and self-belief. Nothing is left behind.

You will gain the experience of a lifetime by hitting the clubs, bars, streets and shopping malls with a motivated group of high achieving peers. Leading you through this journey are Love System’s top instructors, Venture and Sterling, who will mentor, coach, and guide you on the path towards natural attractiveness.

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