The Routines Manual Vol. 2

This is a whole NEW Routines Manual with entirely NEW routines, 
picking up right where Vol. 1 left off!

Due to the overwhelming success of The Routines Manual Vol. 1, which became arguably the most popular dating science product in the industry, we decided to create a second volume and add to the powerful canon of knowledge contained in The Routines Manual Vol. 1, giving you even more brand new, concrete, action-oriented tactics and conversation tips for guys that you can go out and use with beautiful women TONIGHT!

We spend three whole days coaching guys on the right things to say in our legendary seduction bootcamps, and have learned that the most important product anyone could create was a comprehensive manual of the world’s BEST seduction material. 

These are the exact word-for-word scripts that the most successful 'ladies men' actually use!

This is 170 pages that will literally flood your mind with possibilities and inspiration for starting and continuing conversations with women in ways that you had never thought possible!

We crammed a crazy amount of information in The Routines Manual Vol. 2 to cover everything: 

  • Openers – New super creative ways to start conversations with women ranging from chilled out and relaxed, to balls to the wall aggressive.
  • Transitions – Get off the opener and into the actual process of seduction with ease. Learn how to seduce a woman effortlessly. It will seem like you’re not even trying.
  • Attraction Material – Where to begin? This thing is loaded to the brim with Attraction Material. Routines, stories, games, jokes, disqualifiers, interesting stuff, funny stuff… It’s all here.
  • Qualifiers – A nuts and bolts breakdown on how to really qualify a woman so that you don’t ever end up in the “friend zone.”
  • Comfort Material – We reveal powerful, unique conversations you can have with a woman to break down her emotional barriers and build a tight, intimate connection that will bond her to you and take her breath away.
  • Physical Escalation Routines – Down and dirty detailed methods for infusing physicality and sexuality into your interactions.
  • Seduction Tactics – Conversational tips for guys to put her at ease and stir up her sexual desires.
  • Phone Game – More girls are lost on the phone than anywhere else. Don’t let this happen to you. Use the phone material in this book and get fewer flake-outs on dates.
  • Day Game – You come across more women every DAY of your life than you’ll ever meet at night. Start taking advantage of this NOW by using our Day Game material!
  • Includes 3 Bonus Chapters: Day Game, Phone Game, and Palm and Cold Reading.

All of this information is organized by category and laid out for easy use so you can hit the ground running. We’ve compiled this vast compendium of battle-tested seduction knowledge so that you don’t have to do the work!

This material is the “magic” that makes infamous seducers masters with women. They’ve broken the code, and we’re handing you the instructions.

Every routine also comes with in-depth commentary guiding you on all the nuances — the best timing, context, delivery, and target audience to use it on. It’s like having a Love Systems instructor coaching you one-on-one.