Intro Bootcamp Los Angeles with Dan Wildcard, December 16, 2017

Intro Bootcamps are Love Systems latest product, What are they?

Intro Bootcamps are 1 day seminars that include 1 night of infield instruction that is entirely focused on solving the issues that many men come to us with initially.

They cover:

Inner game: Uncover and pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from becoming your ideal, confident self.

 Approaching: Learn the skills necessary to be able to confidently approach women no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

Transition: How do you continue a conversation with a woman after approaching her? This is often where most guys mess up. Learn exactly how to effortlessly keep a conversation going and build attraction.

Teasing: Become a master at the subtle art of teasing. There’s a fine line between being an asshole and being a nice guy, and those who do not know how to tease properly will always wind up in one of those two categories. Learn exactly how to talk to a woman so you don’t get put in the friend zone or get a drink thrown in your face.

This new course is personalized with small groups, has 1on1 feedback with a world-renowned dating coach and has over 4 hours of content with an additional 4 hours of “infield” practice where our instructors will accompany you out to popular bars and clubs to watch your every move and provide you instant feedback.

The course is only $997 and includes a free membership to our private lounge, social media groups, and continued email support.