Interview Series Vol. 93: Effective Strategies to Achieving Your Goals with Women

Interview with Darwin and Ryan Francis

The most effective way to learn game or anything else is to map out your goals, both short-term and long-term, and set realistic practice schedules and expectations for yourself. If you are unfocused or unrealistic, it will usually result in dissatisfaction, discouragement, or sometimes quitting game altogether. Join instructors Darwin and Ryan Francis as they teach proper goal-setting and reveal the secrets to learning and practicing game in the most efficient way possible in order to ultimately achieve your goals with women.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • What are some common pitfalls for students who are learning game?
  • What are some suggestions to avoid these pitfalls?
  • What should you focus on in order to be most efficient?
  • In using these strategies, what are some things students can expect along the way?