Interview Series Vol. 92: Game for the Analytical Mind

Interview with Rio and Darwin

Your mind can potentially be your worst enemy when it comes to game, as over analyzing is generally counterproductive and can lead to discouragement. Very often, students will spend way too much time analyzing the previous interaction instead of moving on to new ones. A man with a super-analytical mind also tends to erroneously believe that certain factors or circumstances in a social environment had direct effects on his romantic interactions taking place, when they were completely irrelevant. In this interview, join instructors Rio and Darwin (who both happen to have careers as scientists outside of Love Systems) as they discuss their struggles with their own analytical minds and how they learned to stop letting that part of their brains take over.

Some of the bullet points covered on this interview are:

  • Definition and examples of an "analytical mind"
  • Why an analytical mind can often be an obstacle to improving dating skills
  • Strengths of an analytical mind that can be harnessed to improve dating skills
  • Common mistakes of super-analytical guys when it comes to game
  • Recommended exercises and habits for those with analytical minds