Interview Series Vol. 91: Intent

Interview with Rio and Darwin

Contrary to what you may think, you usually don't score any points by hiding your intent when you approach a girl. Even if you are using a more indirect style of game, you generally have a short window to express your sexual interest in her before she makes the assumption you simply want to be friends or writes you off as a coward. On the flip-side, if you hit on girls who you aren't truly attracted to, they more often than not, will sense your insincerity. On this insightful interview, join instructors Darwin and Rio as they stress the importance of making your intent clear in order to maximize your time in the field and form a clearer path toward your true goals with women.

Topics covered include:

  • The definition of intent
  • The importance of intent
  • Examples of healthy and unhealthy intent
  • How intent relates to approach anxiety
  • The main reasons men have difficulty showing intent
  • How to show intent without coming off as needy
  • Some common pitfalls when it comes to showing intent