Interview Series Vol. 90: Getting from Intermediate to Advanced Level

Interview with Braddock and Nick Hoss

First, a caveat: If you're currently a beginner, you might want to click the "back" button. This interview was specifically recorded for guys stuck in the intermediate stage of game, meaning you can close without a problem, but you are still not getting 9's and 10's on a consistent basis. In Advanced Game, a very large percentage of the women you will date will come from your social circle and lifestyle, but before you reach this point, you will need to gather enough reference experience through cold approaching in order to capitalize on these opportunities. Join master instructors Braddock and Hoss as they share their personal struggles with getting past Intermediate Level and reveal how they are now able to consistently date 9's and 10's without putting in nearly as much work as they used to.

On this interview you will learn:

  • What it means to be Intermediate Level
  • Common Intermediate Level sticking points and the main causes of plateaus
  • The most effective ways to fix these sticking points and break through plateaus
  • The importance of reference experience
  • The different phases of Advanced Game
  • The best advice to make the transition from Intermediate to Advanced
  • How you know when you've reached Advanced Level