Interview Series Vol. 89: Maintaining Momentum

Interview with Darwin and Rio

Learning game is just like working out- in order to see progress, you need to stick with it and constantly challenge yourself. When starting out with game, it is extremely important to keep working off the momentum you build in order to take your game to the next level and ultimately date 9's and 10's. Unfortunately, there are some who lose focus, get lazy, or jump into a relationship too quickly. Join Darwin and Rio in this interview as they share their own secrets for staying motivated in order to eventually reach their goals with women, as well as become master instructors.

Some of the topics in this interview are:

  • Why it is important to maintain momentum when learning and practicing game
  • The main difficulties guys have with maintaining momentum
  • Steps guys can take to build and maintain momentum
  • How to successfully bounce back from rejection
  • The best ways of building momentum for guys who have read material but not taken a live training program
  • The best ways of maintaining momentum for guys who have attended live training programs
  • The other benefits to building and maintaining momentum with game, other than improved success with women