Interview Series Vol. 88: Hired Gun Game - Bartenders

Interview with Braddock and Fader

Just as with other types of Hired Guns, bartenders are girls who are paid to be nice to you, and are typically hired based on their good looks. So when she greets you and takes your drink order, you often have a chance to run game on a true 10 without getting rejected right off the bat. You may not end up convincing her to meet up with you after her shift, but at the very least, it is a great opportunity to "short-set" and get into state for the night. In this interview, Braddock and Fader teach you how to separate yourself from the dozens of other customers and make the most of these interactions.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • What is a Hired Gun?
  • Why learn Hired Gun Game?
  • What is the psychology of a Hired Gun?
  • What do the beginning, middle, and end of a bartender pickup entail?
  • What are some great routines and one-liners to use when interacting with bartenders?
  • How do you effectively separate yourself from the other male customers in the bar?
  • How do you build rapport with a bartender who is "all business"?
  • What are some good ways to create Jealousy Plotlines with bartenders?