Interview Series Vol. 81: Interracial Dating

Interview with Rio and Bonsai

Very often, our students find themselves most attracted to girls of a different race or ethnicity, but due to fear of rejection based on their own race/ethnicity, they avoid approaching and/or dating them. The truth is, many women out there are very interested in dating men outside their race/ethnicity, but don't have the opportunity since they aren't being approached by them. In this interview, Rio and Bonsai share their own strategies for finding, approaching, and attracting women outside of their races, along with techniques to disarm you of any fears or "limiting beliefs" that may be holding you back from doing the same.

This interview will cover:

  • The main differences between dating within your race and outside your race
  • The most common fears and difficulties that men have when it comes to interracial dating
  • The best ways for men to deal with racial or cultural differences
  • How your game changes when pursuing girls of different races/cultures
  • Ways men can use their races/cultures to their advantage
  • Humorous/playful ways to overcome objection due to race or ethnicity
  • Cultural differences when dating women outside of the US/UK
  • Where you can find women of specific races and ethnicities
  • How to deal with the family of a girl outside of your race or ethnicity