Interview Series Vol. 80: Dating for the Busy Professional

Interview with Rio and Darwin

Many of our students are very successful in their careers, which often goes hand-in-hand with working long hours, even on weekends. However, life is short, and although it may be challenging, it is vital to not allow dating to take a backseat. In this interview, Rio and Darwin offer priceless advice to the busy professional, which focuses on achieving balance in life and incorporating Love Systems into your schedule.

Some of the topics in this interview are:

  • Is having a busy professional life an obstacle for dating?
  • How to find time to meet women when you have a busy professional life
  • Where to practice using Love Systems techniques/material when you have a busy professional life
  • Good date ideas for guys who are extremely busy
  • Is online dating a good idea for busy guys?
  • What if you are genuinely unable to make time for dating?