Interview Series Vol. 78: Dating Higher Quality Women

Interview with Nick Hoss and Jeremy Soul

Once a man gains enough dating experience, he figures out what he wants and doesn't want in a woman. As his tastes begin to mature, other female qualities such as lifestyle and values become equally important as looks, especially when introducing a woman to your social circle and/or entering a relationship. Legendary instructor Soul returns for this special interview as he and Hoss help you identify higher quality women and share tips on attracting them.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:

  • The instructor definition of a "higher quality woman"
  • Where to meet higher quality women
  • How to screen for higher quality women
  • How to screen for higher quality women in bed
  • The difference between an older/younger guy's idea of a higher quality woman
  • Difference between approaching a higher quality woman vs. a "club girl"
  • How your social circle influences the type of girls you pursue
  • How you know when a girl is relationship material