Interview Series Vol. 77: Becoming a Social Person

Interview with Nick Hoss and Rio

Before you can get good at game, you need to be comfortable with meeting new people in general. If you have always been a shy person by nature, it can be challenging to step outside of your comfort zone and become a social person, but it is absolutely possible, and never too late to do so. In this interview, the formerly shy Hoss and Rio teach you how to build social momentum in ways that will help your dating life as well as many other aspects of life.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:

  • Ways to overcome shyness
  • The importance of being social
  • How becoming a Social Person will help your game
  • How becoming a Social Person will help your life in general
  • The disadvantages of using alcohol to deal with shyness/social anxiety
  • Active steps to take to become more social
  • How to avoid falling into a social rut
  • More resources to help you become a more social person