Interview Series Vol. 76: Long-Term Relationships

Interview with Future and Cajun

Long-Term Relationships are valuable as they help you learn a lot about yourself - your needs, your boundaries, and your turn-ons/turn-offs. However, life is short, so if you enter a Long-Term Relationship, you need to remain conscious of whether your needs are being fulfilled, or if you're being untrue to yourself and wasting precious time. In this interview, master instructors Cajun and Future share priceless advice on Long-Term Relationships while discussing their own relationship success stories and mistakes.

Some of the topics covered in this interview include:

  • The value in a Long-Term Relationship
  • How you should go about creating a Long-Term Relationship
  • The different types of Long-Term Relationships
  • The advantages/disadvantages of entering Long-Term Relationships
  • Whether or not it is a bad idea to form a Long-Term Relationship with a girl who you have not yet slept with
  • How to know when a Long-Term Relationship is over
  • How to end a Long-Term Relationship