Interview Series Vol. 73: Sex Tips

Interview with Keychain and Stryker

Many of our students will often experiment with new openers and routines in order to keep things exciting, always with the hope of unlocking that one line that hooks like magic. Sex should be no different. Instead of going through the same stale "checklist" every time, you should make a continuous effort to spice things up and expand your repertoire in order to keep sex stimulating for both parties. In this interview, Keychain and Stryker share their secrets for keeping sex enjoyable with a new girl or in relationship setting.

This interview covers:

  • The Importance of Building Sexual Tension
  • The Different "Spectrums" of Sex
  • Common Mistakes Guys Make During Sex
  • Practical Sex Tips
  • Effective Ways to Get Girls to Orgasm
  • The Importance of Physical Appearance/Grooming
  • Tips Relating to Contraception
  • Damage Control During Sex
  • Other Resources For Sex Tips