Interview Series Vol. 72: Gaming Conservative Girls

Interview with Future, Starlight, and Samurai

Some girls you approach will be very free with their sexuality and others will be more conservative, which may be due to religious beliefs, culture, or being raised in a strict household. Many guys prefer to go after conservative girls as they are often attractive due to their innocence/pureness, more suitable candidates for long-term relationships, or simply a good challenge. Conservative girls may come off as tough nuts to crack at first, but they all want to be cracked. In this interview, Future, Starlight, and Samurai reveal the secrets to finding conservative girls' "blueprints" in order to seduce them, and at the same time, give them a better understanding of themselves.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are:

  • The definition of a conservative girl
  • The appeal of conservative girls
  • Where to find conservative girls
  • How to approach conservative girls
  • How to overcome the obstacles that many conservative girls present
  • Strategies to get conservative girls in bed?