Interview Series Vol. 69: Natural Game

Interview with Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul

Students often ask if we specialize in teaching "Natural Game." In actuality, learning structured game is no different - you're just being taught Natural Game piece by piece. It's important to realize that with structure and practice, you can indeed surpass the game of many naturals out there. In this interview, join master instructor Soul and Love Systems founder Savoy as they debunk all the myths about naturals and reinforce the idea that Natural Game should be a destination, not a technique.

On this interview, you will learn:

  • The difference between Natural Game and learned game
  • How routines relate to Natural Game
  • The importance of learning and experimenting with new routines
  • Examples of being too "gamey" or unnatural
  • Why natural game should be a destination, not a technique
  • The truth about "naturals"