Interview Series Vol. 68: How To Be Cool

Interview with Nick Savoy and Nick Hoss

Learning "How to be cool" involves being socially intelligent. Social intelligence is a quality that will help you in all areas of life and is very desirable to women as well. Guys often try to be cool by adopting the identity of a movie character when they should actually be emulating certain attractive traits of real men they know, and incorporating them into their own personas. Join Love Systems leader Savoy and rising star Hoss as they discuss the importance of being socially intelligent and break down the make-up of the ultimate cool guy.

Some of the points covered on this interview are:

  • What "being cool" entails
  • Traits and interests that women find cool/unattractive
  • The importance of being non-judgmental
  • The importance of putting feelings over facts
  • Is it cool to take yourself seriously?
  • The effects of showing off
  • Is it cool to be alone?
  • How to properly differentiate yourself
  • How to represent yourself in a way that is consistent with your identity
  • How to be cool on a date
  • Social intelligence in relation to escalation