Interview Series Vol. 67: Attractive Lifestyle

Interview with Bonsai and Micha

Being attractive to women is not just about the words that come out of your mouth or being physically attractive, it's also about the type of lifestyle that you live. By building an attractive lifestyle, you will have an easier time hooking and keeping girls, as it will come across that you not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk as well. In this interview, instructors Bonsai and Micha give fantastic practical advice for building your own attractive lifestyle in order to meet quality women as well as important business contacts and friends too.

Some of the topics covered in the interview are:

  • The components of an attractive lifestyle
  • How to build a social circle and the different types of connectors
  • How to make female friends and why you should
  • Tips for throwing your own party
  • The role identity plays in living an attractive lifestyle
  • How to properly situate and decorate your place
  • When to begin developing your lifestyle