Interview Series Vol. 66: Callback Humor

Interview with Big Business, Future, and Tenmagnet

Callback Humor is a tool used to build attraction, comfort, and sometimes even qualification all at once by referencing a shared experience or inside joke you have with a particular woman. An effective callback will make her laugh, and at the same time, remind her of a positive feeling she had when she was with you. In this interview, instructors Future and Tenmagnet join resident humor and improv expert Big Business as they explain the importance of Callback Humor, pinpoint the differences between good and bad callbacks, reveal the potential pitfalls in using callbacks, and also share some of their most successful callbacks.

Some of the questions answered in the interview are:

  • Why we use a callback
  • What makes a good callback or a bad callback
  • Common mistakes guys make with callbacks
  • The easiest way to start using callbacks
  • Examples of callbacks for beginners
  • Examples of more advanced callbacks
  • How to tell when a certain inside joke gets too old
  • Using callback humor in qualification