Interview Series Vol. 65: Intro to Inner Game

Interview with Braddock and Mr. M

Many students of the game initially find Love Systems because they have some limited belief about themselves or a deep-rooted self-esteem issue that holds them back from achieving the level of success with women that they desire. While your Inner Game issues should never be used as an excuse to avoid opening sets, it is important that you fix your Inner Game as soon as possible so you can make the most of each interaction by presenting your best possible self. In this interview, Braddock and Mr. M draw from their own personal experiences and set you on the right path toward conquering your Inner Game issues.

Some of the questions answered in the interview are:

  • What is Inner Game and why is it important?
  • How do you experience the paradigm shifts that lead to good Inner Game?
  • The fastest way to get my Inner Game on track
  • How important are your beliefs?
  • Why goals are so important
  • Is it good to always be unreactive?
  • Things you can add/remove to help with your Inner Game
  • What is Supernova?