Interview Series Vol. 64: The Triad Model

Interview with The Don and Elate

As created by Savoy, The Triad Model is THE best formula for successfully attracting and seducing a woman and getting her into bed. The Triad Model consists of three components: emotional, physical, and logistical. For your pursuit to be effective, you need to have all three components covered. All are equally important, and if one component is missing, it will most likely result in frustration and failure. In this interview, The Don and Elate break down The Triad Model, component by component, and thoroughly explain the importance of each one.

Some of the questions answered in the interview are:

  • What is The Triad Model?
  • What is the emotional progression component of The Triad Model?
  • What is the logistical component of The Triad Model?
  • What is the physical component of The Triad Model?
  • How do you use the different elements to achieve different results?