Interview Series Vol. 62: Social Proof

Interview with Farmer and 5.0

Women consider it highly attractive when a man appears to be popular in a group setting, whether he is already obviously well acquainted with everyone at a party or simply receiving positive reactions through cold approaching all the patrons at a bar. Social Proof generates attraction by displaying status and desirability, and also helps in building comfort by establishing you as a trustworthy and normal guy. In this interview, instructors 5.0 and Farmer discuss the importance of Social Proof from their own personal experiences and teach you how to build legitimate Social Proof along with artificial Social Proof.

On this interview, you will learn:
  • The definition of Social Proof
  • Why Social Proof is important
  • The theory of thin-slicing
  • The two types of Social Proof
  • The importance of short-setting
  • How you can immediately build Social Proof