Interview Series Vol. 61: Rapid Escalation

Interview with Keychain and Elate

As long as logistics are working in your favor, it is often worth speeding up the process of physical escalation with the hope of capitalizing on the opportunity while the woman's buying temperature is at its peak. Rapid Escalation is the execution of a series of compliance tests early in the interaction that maximize attraction and often lead to faster make-outs and same-night lays. Join instructors Keychain and Elate as they clearly outline the benefits and risks associated with this technique.

On this interview, you will learn:
  • How to rapidly escalate
  • Instances when rapid escalation works and does not work
  • Various degrees of compliance
  • How to develop a sensitivity to a woman's compliance level
  • The relationship between physical and logistical compliance
  • Does rapid escalation always have to be physical?
  • The power of Dominance Spiking
  • Top instructor tips for effective rapid escalation