Interview Series Vol. 60: Intro to Online Game

Interview with Cajun and Tenmagnet

You should never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to platforms for meeting women. For instance, there are many attractive females who do not frequent bars and nightclubs, but you might meet them in grocery stores, gyms, or online dating websites. The internet is becoming an increasingly acceptable and common place to meet women, but just like with cold approaching, there are a set of guidelines that you need to follow and also plenty of potential pitfalls. Instructors Cajun and Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) have mastered the art of online game, and in this interview, they thoroughly explain the psychology of online dating and also reveal their secrets to success.

Some of the issues covered on this interview include:
  • How online dating different than meeting a girl in a nightclub or coffee shop
  • The advantages of online game
  • Important things to keep in mind when meeting girls online
  • How to approach women online
  • Does all the same Love Systems material apply when meeting women online?
  • How to go from meeting a woman online to meeting her in person
  • Recommended dating websites
  • What makes an effective online profile
  • How Facebook is different from a dating site
  • How you can use social networking sites for keeping in touch with women you already met