Interview Series Vol. 59: Gaming in the Workplace

Interview with Biskit and Bullet

Are you interested in dating or becoming sexually involved with a girl from work? While this can be a rewarding experience, it is a very sensitive one that should be approached with caution. Join Biskit (also a bartender) and Bullet (also a real estate professional) as they reveal their effective strategies for approaching female co-workers while discussing the risks associated with this area of game.

Some of the issues covered on this interview include:
  • Instances of when you would/should game in your workplace
  • Instances of when you should NOT game in the workplace
  • Risks associated with gaming in the workplace
  • Advantages to gaming in the workplace
  • Strategies for gaming your co-worker or equal
  • Strategies for a boss gaming an employee
  • Examples of when it's possible to game clients/customers
  • Difference between gaming the newly hired employee vs. the long-time employee
  • Timelines for building attraction with co-workers