Interview Series Vol. 57: Breakups

Interview with Calabrese and Bonsai

Whether you are trying to end a relationship with a girl on a healthy note or are the one who finds himself in that dark, desolate, lonely place known as getting dumped, breaking up is often a difficult, but inevitable, stage of a relationship. In this interview, join relationship experts Bonsai and Calabrese as they reveal the correct way to initiate breakups as well as properly handling a girl severing ties with you.

Some of the topics discussed on this interview are:

  • Warning signs that you are headed for a breakup
  • Differences between "social circle breakups" and "cold approach breakups"
  • How to properly break up with a person
  • Is taking a break from each other a good idea?
  • Should you keep a girl around for a friends with benefits situation?
  • How to handle getting dumped
  • How to bounce back from a breakup