Interview Series Vol. 56: Retail Clerk Game

Interview with Braddock and Dubbsy

Whether we are purchasing a new suit, grabbing our lattes at the local coffee shop, or buying groceries, most of us interact with retail store clerks on a daily basis. The retail store clerk is being paid to greet you and provide you with a particular service. Very often, the clerk will be an attractive female. How does one make the most out of these great opportunities? In this enlightening interview, seasoned professionals Braddock and Dubbsy share their wisdom on attracting these girls.

Here are some of the areas covered:

  • The best opening style for gaming female clerks
  • Building attraction/escalating/closing with retail store clerks
  • Do's and don'ts for retail clerk game
  • How to approach retail store clerks in empty stores vs. crowded stores
  • How to approach retail store clerks if you're a regular at the store vs. possibly never coming back again
  • Where to draw the line with a retail store clerk