Interview Series Vol. 54: Avoiding Dancing Monkey Syndrome

Interview with Dubbsy and Bonsai

For many guys just starting out with game, Dancing Monkey Syndrome is a common sticking point. A “Dancing Monkey” is someone who is seen as the funny or entertaining guy who is there purely for the benefit of everyone else in the room. While the high that you get from keeping the group entertained can be addicting, it usually won't help you get the girl in the end. In this informative interview, instructors Bonsai and Dubbsy teach you how to transform yourself from the Dancing Monkey to the attractive funny guy who gets laid.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Examples of Dancing Monkey Syndrome
  • How you can tell if you are being a Dancing Monkey
  • What causes one to inherit the Dancing Monkey Syndrome
  • How to overcome being a Dancing Monkey
  • What to do if you catch yourself being a Dancing Monkey while in set
  • How to find a good balance of humor in your game
  • The only times that you benefit from being a Dancing Monkey