Interview Series Vol. 53: Preselection

Interview with The Don and Bonsai

Of the many attraction switches, preselection is the one which stands alone at the top as the overriding dominant attribute that beautiful women seek above all else in men. To be “preselected” is to make women immediately attracted to you by demonstrating that other women find you appealing. In this interview, join two phenomenal instructors, Bonsai and The Don, as they break down preselection from a female perspective and teach you how to effectively convey this vital quality.

  • The difference between preselection and social proof
  • How to properly demonstrate preselection
  • Differences between prelection in the attraction phase vs. the comfort phase
  • How to use a wingwoman to demonstrate preselection
  • How to make new female friends
  • How to handle being called a player
  • Using preselection in a relationship setting