Interview Series Vol. 51: That One Special Girl

Interview with Daxx and Bonsai

Many guys become interested in dating science because their goal is to someday find "that one special girl." The problem is that some men tend to become fixated on a particular girl before they gain enough dating experience to know who "that one special girl" should really be. All of their focus and attention will be consumed by the pursuit of this girl to the point where it can become detrimental. In this interview series join the brilliant instructors Daxx and Bonsai as they go over in-depth how to handle the various situations presented that involve that one special girl in your life.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • The causes of "that one special girl" syndrome
  • How to handle the predicament of liking a girl who is not interested in you
  • How to avoid losing a girl who really likes you
  • How to handle a flaky or genuinely busy girl without appearing overbearing
  • How to escalate with a girl you like
  • How to get over that one special girl
  • What to do if "that one special girl" truly is the one