Interview Series Vol. 50: Intro to Day Game

Interview with Jeremy Soul and Bonsai

When you approach a woman during the day, not only will you usually be catching her off guard, but also, more often than not, you will be operating under a time constraint as she will be on her way to work, an appointment, or running an errand. Right off the bat, you are presented with two challenges you typically do not face in a nightclub or bar setting. Even a student who has mastered Night Game may find the transition to Day Game difficult since the same rules do not always apply. Join resident Day Game gurus Soul and Bonsai in this masterful interview as they present a clear and comprehensive introduction to Day Game for those who have the desire to incorporate game into their daily routines and/or meet women outside of the nightlife.

Some of the topics covered on this interview are:

  • The main differences between Night Game and Day Game
  • The primary goal of Day Game
  • Obstacles and advantages when meeting women during the day
  • How far you can take physical escalation during the day
  • Going direct vs. indirect during the day
  • Ideal places to practice Day Game
  • How to quickly become successful with Day Game
  • What to do when you and the woman become the center of attention, causing her to become visibly embarrassed