Interview Series Vol. 48: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Interview with Sheriff and 5.0

Being "the nice guy" is an issue that keeps many men from finding success with women. Falling into "the nice guy" role can lead the woman you desire to take serious advantage of you, lose sexual attraction for you, and express the dreaded words "let's just be friends," or lose all respect for you and cut off all ties. However, avoiding the label of "the nice guy" does not mean one needs to become an unlikable jerk in order to attract and keep women in your life. In this interview, 5.0 and Sheriff reveal ways to excel with women while keeping your core ideals and beliefs of politeness and manners intact.

Here are some great things you'll learn from this interview:

  • The difference between being "A nice guy" and "THE nice guy"
  • What is unattractive about being too nice
  • What is appealing about "bad boys"
  • How to effectively employ emotional spikes
  • How to take control and create boundaries while still remaining nice
  • How to stop being "the nice guy" in a relationship
  • Exercises to transform yourself out of "the nice guy" mold