Interview Series Vol. 47: Overcoming Physical Obstacles

Interview with Keychain and Mr. M

A physical obstacle is any physical characteristic that makes a man insecure about himself and often is used as an excuse to not approach or pursue women. However, what these men do not realize is that one’s physical attractiveness is not the most important tool in creating attraction with women. In this detailed interview, top Love Systems instructors Keychain and Mr. M will teach you how to present your best possible self by controlling the controlables and mentally overcoming the uncontrolables.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • How to turn a perceived physical disadvantage into an advantage
  • Building intrigue-based attraction from a disability
  • How displaying a good sense of fashion will deter women from focusing on a particular physical characteristic
  • How to properly make a joke about your physical obstacle
  • How to best manage specific obstacles such as: being short, bald, overweight, bad acne, wheelchair bound, skin color, and sexual performance issues