Interview Series Vol. 44: Overcoming Approach Anxiety

Interview with Future and Calabrese

Approach anxiety (AA) is the first obstacle that needs to be conquered when meeting a woman. The physical symptoms of short breath, stomach clenching, and nervousness that arise when approaching, as well as the secondary excuses you come up with to justify not approaching, can be debilitating, but can also be overcome with little trouble. Returning top Love Systems instructor Future and new rising star Calabrese go over the fight-or-flight like response of approach anxiety and the differences between social anxiety and approach anxiety and supply useful advice and tips to help overcome this obstacle.

Additional points covered on this interview include:

  • How to get into a talkative mood and positive state before you even approach a woman
  • Why you should go to a different city to practice
  • How to relax the physiological effects of AA to overcome the mental ones
  • Examples of silly games to play to keep anxiety low and state high
  • How to properly set goals so they help instead of hurt you