Interview Series Vol. 43: Preventing Flaking

Interview with Tenmagnet and Cajun

Flaking is when you get a phone number, but for some reason or other are unable to convert it into a meet up, and it is one of the biggest obstacles that many guys have to overcome. In this interview, Love Systems lead instructors Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet) and Cajun bring you their expertise in converting 80-90% of numbers into dates. When a woman flakes, it is because the thought of meeting up with you is awkward to her, and this process can occur by her not showing up to dates or even not picking up the phone at all. By getting a solid number in the first place and presenting yourself as a 3 dimensional person, you will make the woman see you as more than a random bar guy.

Additional areas of detail include:

  • How to timebridge the date so that she is more likely to agree to meet up
  • How to match your communication style to a woman’s to create comfort on the phone
  • How to show interest but not neediness over the phone
  • How to suggest a meetup
  • How to deal with flaking when it happens
  • Treating dates like options and not priorities