Interview Series Vol. 42: Takeaways and Boundaries

Interview with Braddock and Daxx

Takeaways and Boundaries are considered advanced techniques, which are commonly used by Love Systems instructors.

Doing takeaways is an effective way to strengthen a woman's attraction for you by creating a temporary feeling of loss. This serves as a powerful reality check to the woman, which causes her to realize you're a high-value man that she doesn't want to lose. More often than not, the woman will start to become emotionally attached and work to win you back.

Setting boundaries increases the woman's level of respect for you, corrects bad behavior, builds comfort, and generates attraction, even if you don't use them on the woman herself.

Join Braddock and Daxx as they discuss the proper ways to use takeaways and set boundaries.

Areas of focus include:

  • The 2 types of takeaways
  • Examples of takeaways to use early, mid, and late in the interaction
  • Takeaways applied to relationships
  • Small, medium, and large boundaries, and the different ways to enforce each
  • Examples of boundaries to use early, mid, and late in the interaction
  • Examples of 3rd person boundaries