Interview Series Vol. 4: Timebridging and Dates

Interview with Future and Ajax

This interview covers two things: 1] Making sure that you will actually see her again (getting her phone number is not enough) and 2] Making sure that when you do see her, that things go well. We don’t aim for dates that end in an awkward peck on the cheek on her doorstop. Use these proven strategies to make sure that your dates happen and that they “convert.” Plus, do this all without spending too much money!


Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Why dinner or coffee are among the WORST possible first dates
  • How to exchange phone numbers in a way that you know she’ll answer when you call
  • When and how to make the first move on a date
  • How to plan a date so that she ends up back at your place — every time
  • Date-killers — things most men don’t even know that they are doing that kill attraction
  • And lots, lots more