Interview Series Vol. 38: Handling Tests

Interview with Jeremy Soul and Kisser

When you project confidence and pre-selection, women will often test you to see if you are congruent with the image you are portraying. Tests are also ways that women assess how much emotional value you have. They are one of those critical milestones where the entire tone of the interaction can change for the better or the worse in a split second - and it's up to you to decide which direction it will go. Tests are great opportunities for you to demonstrate high value, build attraction, and move the interaction forward.

While Soul and Kisser teach you how to identify common tests on this captivating interview, they also clearly demonstrate highly effective ways to pass them.

Additional topics discussed include:

  • How to identify tests and the reasons for being tested
  • 5 ways to handle tests and how you know when you've passed them
  • Tests that men commonly fail
  • How to handle disrespectful/insulting tests and when to draw the line
  • How tests differ in relationship settings and the safest ways to handle them