Interview Series Vol. 32: Role Plays

Interview with Cajun and Tenmagnet

It is no secret that women tend to be attracted to adventurous men. Role plays are a great tool to build attraction by showing your adventurous and playful side, as well as an effective time bridging tool. In this interview, Cajun, and Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet) discuss the art of role playing and its powerful effects when creating a special bond with a woman. Also included in this interview are live and unedited role plays captured by a hidden micro-tape recorder from various sets opened by Cajun in October 2008 in various Las Vegas clubs.

Some of the topics discussed here are:

  • The right and wrong times to use role plays
  • Different types of role plays, including Future Adventure Projections
  • How to use role plays successfully to create and maintain attraction
  • Examples of effective field-tested role plays
  • How to create your own role plays