Interview Series Vol. 28: High-End Club Game

Interview with Samurai and Sheriff

Men are prone to sarge at high-end clubs because these venues tend to attract exceptionally beautiful women, including models and celebrities. High-end clubs are exclusive and selective, but once granted entrance, you have automatic social proof and are seen by women in the club as having high-value. Therefore, gaming at high-end clubs can often enable you to trigger attraction faster than at a bar or lounge, and with a lot less work involved. In this interview, Samurai and Sheriff share valuable information learned from their past experiences as club promoters.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • The best way to open sets at a high-end club
  • Differences between gaming at high-end clubs as opposed to bars and lounges
  • How to get past the long line and into the VIP area
  • Getting to know the right people at the high-end club
  • Pickup on the dance floor