Interview Series Vol. 27: Sticking Points

Interview with Rokker, Braddock, and Samurai

All students at some point have at least one area of their game that is holding them back from achieving the level of success they desire. Some sticking points are very easy to fix and some need quite a bit of practice, but all sticking points can turn into bad habits if not discovered and addressed in a timely fashion. Join veteran instructors Rokker, Braddock, and Samurai as they discuss the most common sticking points among their students and offer intelligent and practical ways to overcome them.

Topics covered on this interview include:

  • How to address common sticking points in opening, including approach anxiety
  • How to address common sticking points in attraction, including using routines at the proper times
  • How to maintain attraction during the qualification phase
  • The importance of prolonging physical escalation during comfort and seduction
  • The best way in general to fix sticking points