Interview Series Vol. 26: Direct Game

Interview with Jeremy Soul, Badboy, and Cortez

Direct Game is one of the most powerful tools in a pickup artist's arsenal, and one that is often misunderstood and underestimated. Confidence and honesty are key in direct game, as is a strong frame. Making your intentions known in the initial approach conveys a very strong masculine identity, which is extremely attractive to women. Direct game can be fun and stimulating, and is exceptionally effective during the day and at night.

On this interview series volume, top Love Systems instructor Soul is joined by Direct Game masters Badboy and Cortez to discuss the philosophy of "going direct." They break down exactly what it means and how to do it, and provide lots of proven examples and situations in which to use it.

Here are some great techniques and insights revealed here for the first time:

  • Why Direct Game is so powerful
  • The best places and times to use Direct Game
  • Advantages of "going direct" over regular game
  • The secrets of instant attraction
  • The biggest misconceptions about Direct Game destroyed