Interview Series Vol. 25: How To Be An Alpha Male

Interview with Braddock, Samurai, and Sheriff

The strongest frame for a man is that of an alpha male. By being internally validated and non-reactive, you can show incredibly high status, which is very attractive to women. Three of our top instructors, Braddock, Samurai, and Sheriff, discuss their philosophies of what it means to "be alpha," how it makes a huge impact on your interactions and relationships, and how to get there from where you are. Listen to this volume now and take your first steps toward being a true alpha male.

Here are some great things you'll learn in this volume:

  • The definition of an alpha male, as seen through the lens of dating science
  • Why being alpha is so devastatingly attractive to women
  • Many examples of behaviors, including alpha, alpha wannabe, and the dreaded beta
  • The key differences between alpha males and all of the average men out there
  • The theory of "staying on your purpose" and how it can improve your life
  • Three danger zones: boundaries, reactions, and jealousy
  • Detailed steps that'll take you from average man to alpha male