Interview Series Vol. 24: Jealousy Plotlines

Interview with Tenmagnet, Braddock, and Cajun

Jealousy Plotlines are techniques you can use to make a woman feel jealous and thus more attracted to you. Most men do not use jealousy properly when attracting women - they either don't introduce an element of jealousy or competition at all, and pass on a great dating science tool, or they do it incorrectly and end up turning off the woman they were attracted to. However, with the right system, jealousy plotlines can be surprisingly easy to use and use effectively. They can be applied to any area of your game, from attraction to qualification, to comfort, to relationship management.

On this interview, Braddock, Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet), and Cajun cover the theory and application of jealousy plotlines - with live examples! You'll hear a bunch of routines that you can adapt and use tonight. Here's more: 

  • When you should use Jealousy Plotlines, and more importantly, when you shouldn't
  • The right way to make a woman feel jealous, and what it can do for you
  • How to be convincing without appearing shady
  • Simple ways to make the bar or club work to your advantage
  • Braddock's three categories of Jealousy Plotlines
  • Specific tips for eliciting jealousy in Attraction, Qualification, Comfort, Timebridging, and Relationships
  • Many of our instructors' tested and proven Jealousy Plotlines