Interview Series Vol. 23: Cold Reads

Interview with Nick Savoy and The Don

Cold reads are observations you can make about a woman that don't necessarily require that you know anything about her. They can be incredibly useful and fun, both for allowing you to learn about a woman and giving her information about you. Don't get stuck asking "interview questions" when you can escalate emotionally and physically with a good cold read.

In this groundbreaking volume, Love Systems veterans Savoy and The Don define cold reads and explain when and how to use them, from light and playful examples in Attraction to deeper emotional reads in Comfort. Cold reads are great tools for transitioning and building connections, and are easy to do once you recognize the many common aspects of the personalities of beautiful women! Learn tried and true cold read routine structures that you can use tonight, and find out why they work so well.

Here are some of the great things you'll learn in this volume:

  • The one line you can use in a cold read guaranteed to make a woman's eyes light up
  • What your cold reads say about you and the woman
  • Tips on creating your own cold read routines
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls associated with cold reads
  • What to do when your cold reads work too well and you're asked to perform for a group