Interview Series Vol. 2: Introduction to Attraction

Interview with Nick Savoy and The Don

As has often been said, “Attraction is not a choice.” You can, and should, have women feeling attracted to you within 15-20 minutes of meeting you. (How to get them to act on this attraction is another question, but one that is thorough covered in this interview.)   Learn how social value works and how to use it to your advantage. Learn how to use the “building blocks” of attraction including humor, storytelling, body language, and sub-communication, and how to avoid the “Let’s Just Be Friends” zone and other common mistakes.



  • The Eight “IVS10 Attraction Switches” - 8 qualities that beautiful women around the world tend to be attracted to in a man
  • Why TOO MUCH attraction too soon is bad, and how to avoid this
  • Changes you make TODAY that will help you attract and date more women TONIGHT
  • Secret “tells” that let you know when a woman is becoming attracted to you
  • What to do when nothing else seems to be working
  • And lots, lots more